About ME?!?

At Sarah Jane Photography YOU are our focus!

But, I suppose (since you clicked this page), you want to know a little bit about the lady behind the lens.

First, let's talk about me as a photographer... I'm a classically trained professional photographer with a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Central Missouri in portrait and wedding photography. I've been a freelance photographer since 2004. My husband's career brought us to Decatur, Illinois in the summer of 2010 and I embarked on the adventure of starting my business over from the ground up! It has been an adventure, but an amazing one!! My first full year in business here (and most of the following years) I was honored to be voted into the top three photographers in the Herald & Review's Reader's Choice awards among so many talented local businesses.

I've been honored to work in a variety of genres in this industry creating images of everything from farm equipment to newborns to feathers for fly fishing catalogs! But my real passion for photography is in creating personal portraits for my client's homes. There's just something about walking past a portrait of you and your family at your happiest that can fix even the worst of days.

So how about me personally? Photography has always been my destiny, passion, and love. I've been a photographer longer than I've been anything (except a daughter!)... longer than I've been a wife, friend, and mother (to two bold little ladies). But who am I? Well, I hope to get to know you personally soon as a client and friend but here's a little introduction to the chaos that is ME:

  • I LOVE New York City... the elegance, the fast pace, the bright lights and the life & history of the place! I'd move there in a heartbeat if my hubs said we could.
  • I'm a coffee & choc-oholic. 
  • I try to be healthy but love great food: sushi, mussels, coffee, chocolate, coffee (did I say coffee)....
  • I'm addicted to my spin bike (#sjanephotog on the Pelaton leaderboard, come ride with me!)
  • I'm terrified of cows...Yes, I'm from the midwest. Yes, I know this is irrational and ridiculous. No, I won't be getting over it... soo if you're in search of a livestock photographer I'm not your gal. (I mean, ok I HAVE photographed bull riders so I can get over it for you.)
  • I never wear matching socks (who has time for that)
  • ;) I overuse emoticons :) :P (and parenthesis!!!) and exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<<< like those for real
  • I'm a momma to two little ladies with BIG personalities that keep me on my toes and humbled daily
  • I'm a wife to Ryan, my high school sweetheart and we've been together half our lives so far
  • I love to travel and hope to see every corner of the world in my lifetime
  • I laugh at my own jokes (and am usually the only one)


2019 was a very BIG year and new adventure for SJP as we opened our brand new studio building which we started construction on in late 2017 (Thanks to 4MC Corp for making our vision come to life!). This studio has been a dream of mine since the beginning and it's more than I could have ever hoped for but as much as this is here for me, it's really here for YOU. To allow me to up our service to the next level to provide a portrait experience you'll never forget.

Keep an eye out for public events to take a peek inside and call for your consult to come see us soon.


I sincerely thank you for stopping by my website, viewing my work and taking the time to learn about what I do and who I am. Now that you know a little about me, I hope you'll contact me to start your portrait experience at Sarah Jane Photography so I can get to know YOU!



Lisa Peters (Aly's mom)

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"From 2011 to 2019... That is the time frame we have had the pleasure of working with Sarah. The professionalism, but yet the ease of a Friend, is only one of the many reasons we choose Sarah. Whether for family, senior, newborn, or a "just because" session, Sarah is and will always be our #1 choice. She should be your #1 also."

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