Let's celebrate YOU... my goal with all our couples is to tell your love story. Let's show off who you are and make sure you're both as comfortable as possible in front of the camera so that being on camera for HOURS on your wedding day is actually a fun and energizing part of the day.



Each of our wedding collections begins with 7 hours of wedding day coverage with myself AND a second photographer ($1400). In 10 years of photographing weddings we've found that 7-8 hours is a sweet spot that provides coverage for your full day and having a second photographer at every event lets us not only double our coverage (capturing candids AND formals all at once) but it lets us add variety (shooting both wide/close up at the exact same moment) and it lets us make sure we don't miss a moment (afterall not everything happens in the same room on your big day).

But I also know that every couple is unique and that is why our collections are customizable from there. You may choose to add on any selections from our collections of albums designed to tell your full love story for yourself but to future generations as well, wall art & small portraits that are curated to fit your space and style to bring your love into your home, and digital images which allow you to share your images with friends and family everywhere. These selections start at just $500 and most of our wedding couples design a collection in the $3000-$4000 range though we have options both above and below that investment level.

We're here for your big day, big or small, we're happy to design custom collections to fit your needs. Since each of our couples and their weddings are unique our first step is always to invite you in for your complimentary consultation where we can chat more about what you have in mind for your day and walk you through the details of what we can create for you! We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping bring the vision of your wedding day to life.

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